Hiring Two Virtual Assistants a 200% productivity boost

Double your productivity and save money by hiring two virtual assistants! Benefit from diverse skill sets, dedicated support, and backup assistance. Scale your operations efficiently and cost-effectively. Watch now to learn more!

Are you looking to boost your productivity? If so, hiring two virtual assistants could be the game-changer your business needs. By bringing on multiple VAs, you can increase productivity, save money, and benefit from diverse skill sets. With two VAs, you’ll have dedicated support, backup assistance, and the ability to cover different shifts, ensuring your business operates efficiently around the clock.

Hiring two virtual assistants can offer numerous benefits that can significantly boost your productivity. Here’s a detailed look at some key advantages:

  1. 24/7 Availability: Having two virtual assistants, especially in different time zones, ensures that your business can provide round-the-clock service. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with clients in different time zones. It also ensures timely customer support, even on weekends and holidays.
  2. Increased Efficiency: With two virtual assistants, you can get more tasks done quickly. While you’re busy with one task, your virtual assistants can handle other tasks simultaneously.
  3. Cost-Effective: Hiring virtual assistants is generally more cost-effective than hiring full-time, in-house employees. You don’t have to pay employee benefits, fixed salaries, or for equipment. This can lead to a significant increase in your annual net profit.
  4. Easy Onboarding: The hiring process for virtual assistants can be almost instant, saving time on sourcing, training, and onboarding internal employees. Many platforms vet freelancers before making them available for jobs, ensuring you only choose from qualified candidates.
  5. Scalability: If your business needs fluctuate throughout the year, hiring virtual assistants is a cost-effective solution, as it’s easy to scale up and down as needed.
  6. Improved Online Presence: Virtual assistants can enhance your brand image and online presence, manage your social media profiles, track online reviews, and respond to customer concerns.
  7. Efficient Decision-Making: Virtual assistants can gather data, conduct research, and provide valuable insights to contribute to more efficient decision-making within your organization.
  8. Flexibility: As a business owner, you can adjust the scope of virtual assistance you get according to your current needs. You can easily use a virtual assistant to deal with impromptu tasks and sudden work volume increases.
  9. Collaboration: A virtual assistant can be a helping hand who collaborates and offers novel business ideas and tactics to push your business forward.
  10. Performance Monitoring: Using performance monitoring tools like Time Doctor, you can accurately pay your virtual assistants for their work and ensure that they’re only logging active hours as hours worked.

Overall, hiring two virtual assistants can provide a significant boost to your productivity by allowing you to delegate tasks, save time, reduce costs, and focus on core business activities.

Increased productivity

When it comes to increasing productivity, one effective strategy is to divide and conquer your workload. Delegating tasks to a virtual assistant (VA) allows you to focus on the most important aspects of your business, while the VA handles the rest. By doing so, you can ensure that all tasks are being handled efficiently and effectively, resulting in increased productivity overall.

Not only does hiring a VA help with workload management, but it also saves you time and energy. Instead of spending countless hours on mundane, repetitive tasks, you can delegate them to your VA and free up your time for more important responsibilities. This allows you to focus on high-value tasks that require your expertise and attention, ultimately saving you energy and improving your overall performance.


One of the greatest advantages of hiring a virtual assistant is the cost-effectiveness it offers. By outsourcing certain tasks to a VA, you can save up to AUD 25,000 per year. The cost of hiring a full-time employee, including salary, benefits, and office space, can be significant. However, by hiring a VA, you only pay for the hours of work they complete. This means that you can scale your workforce up or down based on your needs, resulting in significant cost savings for your business.

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Dedicated support

Virtual assistants are committed to providing exceptional support to their clients. Unlike freelancers or part-time employees, VAs work full-time and are fully committed to their clients’ success. They prioritize the tasks assigned to them and ensure they are completed efficiently and effectively. This level of dedication and commitment greatly benefits businesses, as they can rely on their VAs for consistent and reliable support.

Diverse skill set

One of the key advantages of hiring virtual assistants is their diverse skill sets. Each VA brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table, allowing you to tap into their respective areas of knowledge. Whether you need assistance with administrative tasks, social media management, content writing, or customer support, you can find a VA who specializes in that particular area. This enables you to access a wide range of skills without the need to hire multiple employees, saving both time and resources.

Boost Your Productivity: The Benefits Of Hiring Two Virtual Assistants

Backup support

Another advantage of working with virtual assistants is that you have a backup in case one VA becomes unavailable. Life happens, and unexpected situations can arise that prevent a VA from completing their assigned tasks. However, when you have multiple VAs on your team, you can ensure that the work continues seamlessly even if one VA is temporarily unavailable. This backup support provides you with peace of mind and ensures that your business operations remain uninterrupted.

Onboard all VAs at the same time

Onboarding new employees can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. However, when you hire virtual assistants, you can onboard all of them at the same time, saving both time and resources. Instead of going through the onboarding process repeatedly for each new hire, you can streamline the process by providing training and guidance to all VAs simultaneously. This allows them to familiarize themselves with your business operations and start working efficiently in a shorter period.

Boost Your Productivity: The Benefits Of Hiring Two Virtual Assistants


Virtual assistants can contribute to increased efficiency in your business by providing support across multiple shifts and working around the clock. This is especially beneficial for businesses operating in different time zones or those that have round-the-clock customer support needs. By leveraging the flexibility and availability of virtual assistants, you can ensure that your business is always responsive and accessible, improving customer satisfaction and overall efficiency.


As your business grows, so do your workloads and clients. Hiring virtual assistants allows you to easily handle increased workloads and cater to a larger client base. Since VAs can work remotely, you can scale your team without the limitations of physical office space or geographical constraints. This scalability ensures that your business can keep up with its growth trajectory and maintain high-quality service for all clients.

Client Case Studies

Several clients have benefited from outsourcing their tasks to virtual assistants. Mark Newstead, the founder of Butn, credits virtual assistants for helping him overcome the challenges of managing a startup. The VAs took care of crucial administrative tasks, allowing Mark to focus on business growth strategies.

Joshua Peck, the CEO of True Code Capital, also praises the support he received from virtual assistants. They assisted with market research and data analysis, providing valuable insights that helped Joshua make informed business decisions.

Outsourcing Angel, a leading virtual assistant provider, has numerous success stories of clients who have streamlined their operations and achieved significant growth through the support of VAs. These case studies highlight the tangible benefits and positive impact that virtual assistants can have on business productivity and success.


Hiring virtual assistants offers numerous advantages that can significantly enhance your business operations. Not only do they help increase productivity and save time and energy, but they also provide cost-effective solutions. With a diverse skill set and dedicated support, virtual assistants bring expertise and efficiency to your business. They offer scalability, backup support, and the ability to onboard all VAs at the same time. By outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants, you can streamline your operations, handle increased workloads, and provide exceptional service to your clients. It’s time to tap into the benefits of virtual assistance and take your business to new heights of success.